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Your new favorite classic arcade mascot is here, and he's unlike anything you've seen before! Join Rocktop Mario and Rocktop Luigi on a mission to fight back hordes of mutant turtle men in a labyrinthine steam-punk dungeon.

  • The largest aspect ratio EVER used in an "arcade game"
  • I really like how you can dash through enemies
  • Girls with long legs play it
  • One music is enough

On game over, it saves the furthest loop you've reached. Hold L while starting a new game to start on that loop.

Rocktop Mario, Rocktop Luigi and the iconic Rocktop Mario Gameplay Loop are the original property of Rocktop Mario. All similarities to existing properties are purely coincidental.

Install instructions

Standalone executable. Save data is stored in Users/[Username]/AppData/Local.


Rocktop Mario.exe 4 MB

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